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Happy late birfday skrill! :d Hehe i know i know its the 100000th time but stiilllllllll! :d Baiii
There should be like an 80% off final day blowout xD
probably not we have a 40% off sale right now.
Is the server shop prices going to go down more?
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Eco Issues - Has been Fixed!

Cosmic_Iconikz tagtag
Cosmic_Iconikz @ HC-MAIN
posted Tue at 1:12

The plugin has been fixed and you can now use "/payrank purchase" command again!
The problem was caused by the use of obsolete and deprecated APIs.  The plugin was refactored to use the new APIs and HC's UUID cache service.

There have been issues reported concerning ranking up with in-game money on Eco. Players have reported not getting ranks that they paid for among other promotion issues. We are going to be fixing this very soon as well as other bugs & glitches. For the time being do not use the /payrank command!

If you are currently having this issue or have other bugs to report please leave a comment below with your MC username and the issue you are having or have noticed.

Thank you for your patience!

Do not use the /payrank command!

-HC Staff
Zrota The chest shops don't work in eco. You can successfully create a chest shop, but when someone tries to buy, no matter th ...
honey2819 I found this on the towny website "Mayors Mayors run towns and with the help of their assistants, manage a town an ...
Warhero2450 @ HC-CREATIVE
I just want to know... how many plug-ins were taken out of hc to fix? Which ones?
I could not resist posting this on the news feed, R_O_C_K_Y's reaction is priceless.

Enjoy watching R_O_C_K_Y get scared at 3am!
ViEt_GuY You sexy R_O_C_K_Y ;)
BlueSnowflakes tag pls play amnesia
Teddinator Lol mezza. Good old Jeff isn't even scary! (I am being legit ) ...

Lag Issue

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Jul 17, 14
Hello HC,

     Yesterday, around 11AM EST, Mojang deployed some changes to their authentication system to limit servers from pulling UUID/player name requests from their authentication system which resulted in breaking/slowing down many plugins. We have updated all of our HC plugins but other public plugin we use are not updated as of now(could take a few days). The lag on the servers seems to be little to none after the update which is a great news but if you do experience some lag, we do apologize and would really appreciate your patience for that matter.
     I personally want to thank vk2gpz our Head Developer/Operator for all the hard work he put in to fix all HC plugins and would like to apologize everyone for the issue that occurred.

Happy Gaming,
jaxluca Thanks HC - Staff the lag is really starting to clear up ...
sprusaczyk essentials is being wierd is that the plugin
Awesomerow Its still lagging pretty bad for me... and my friends ._.
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