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Status updated 38 mins ago
HI :)
@arizilla Try uninstalling your Java and reinstalling it. I searched it up and that seems to have worked for other people.
im having trouble logging in to hc server. It keeps closing minecraft and saying that there was an internal error from topLevelExceptionFil ter.???
You do not have access to shout

Need Help (Minecraft Tech Support)
Please click here to view our support page! 
We have exciting news for the HC community! We have decided to open some positions to the community to become an official HC-Builder.

We are, of course, looking for the best of the best, so i have set up a thread on our servers for people to submit pictures of their best builds. Please make sure you only submit builds that are on the HC network so that we can check them out

So if you think you have what it takes, then submit your builds by clicking here!

As we will not be accepting all submissions, so make them count. Make sure you read the GUIDELINES  in the thread before submitting


- HC-Staff
Slavework_69 My best build is a 6 by 6 dirt home
James76931 Does redstone count? Because I wouldn't mind helping in that case xD
EVi13NCARNANCE hell I know, check my plot

New Friends Plugin!

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Aug 17, 14  -  FriendsFriends Plugin
    We have recently added a new friends plugin, some functionality of the plugin and the way it displays friends information has been changed. We removed the Tab and Scoreboard support due to some heavy lag issues and scoreboard conflicting with many other plugins. We do apologize for that but we believe the new friends plugin is way better and would not cause lag issues.


/friends or /friend can be used for the friends plugin.

  • /friend - will display a useful help menu:

  • /friend add <name> - will send a friends request to the user specified.
  • /friend add <name> - will also accept an incoming friends request.
  • /friend remove <name> - will remove the specified user from your friends list.
  • /friend list - will display all your friends.
  • /friend list <name> - will display all friends of the specified friend.
  • /friend acceptall - once typed, all incoming friends request will be accepted automatically. To disable this function, simply retype /friend acceptall again.
  • /friend denyall - once typed, you will deny all incoming friends request. To disable this function, simply retype /friend denyall again.
  • /friend settings - will display your settings for auto friends request acceptance and notification settings.
New Commands:
  • /friend list pending - can be used to check all pending friends requests.
  • /friend clearpending <in | out> - can be used to clear 'incoming' or 'outgoing' pending friends requests.
  • /friend notify - can be used to toggle friends joining server notification settings.

We have plans to add a friends chat system and a few other functions. Although, the plugin has been deployed, there might be bugs and/or other issues due to the early stage of the plugin. We hope you enjoy this plugin and if you have any suggestions or if you wish to report a bug regarding this plugin, please post them in the comment section below! 

when my friends change there names in 1.8 will i m=still be friends with them
GabrielLegend yea, my friend list keeps resetting, everyday it says I have no friends even though I have like 20 friend .-.
SamWell926 Does the friends list reset everyday, because every time I check in the morning or other times during the day, it says t ...
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