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HC Network Default IP: mc.hcserver.com
(Temp)Vanilla 1.8 Server IP: v.hcserver.com:1

PvP Server Reset!

R_O_C_K_Y Ownertag posted Sep 22, 14
Hello HC-PvP'ers!

I am glad to announce that the PvP Server will reset on September 24th, 2014. Even though 1.8 map generation is not available at this current moment, we will be resetting the server anyways. We all agreed to reset the server as 1.7.10 and when 1.8 map generation is available, we will be doing another reset which could take about 3-4 months(rough estimate) due to the unavailability of bukkit. You may view the discussion on server reset in this thread which can be viewed by clicking here.
I have also added the ability to donate for 18 slots vault in the PvP Server shop, players who have already donated for 9 slots will be able to upgrade!
I can assure, ever one will be happy with the reset because this reset will not just only be a map reset but many new feature will be added along with the new spawn bringing some old PvP Spawn memories! I have also created a thread for a sneak peek on the new PvP Server spawn, click here to get redirected to the thread!


Unforeseen events created by issues with the 1.8 update has caused the PvP reset to be delayed again by hopefully not more than another day. We apologize for this inconvenience, but rest assured that we are working our butts off to make this a smooth reset with a few new exciting features. 

Thank you for all of your patience!!!

~HC Staff
hannahlovescows OHMAHGAWD CHU GUISE
chibi4beaverz well it is what it is guys no use crying over it
Cosmic_Iconikz tag We are working on the finishing touches currently

1.8 Map Resets

Cosmic_Iconikz tag posted Sep 13, 14
Yay! 1.8 has arrived (finally) and as many of you know we usually reset the maps after a major update comes out. This update will be no different. We have run into an issue though: we will not be able to fully update for a while due to issues with some of the critical server components. Now, we know that many of you are clamoring for a reset and we have decided to hear what the players think we should do.

We are currently considering resetting all the maps for Main, Craft, PvP, EcoPvP, and Eco in 1.7. and letting players start fresh. If we decide to do this players will not have any of the new items from 1.8 but instead will get a fresh map. Once we are able to update to 1.8 we will add a second world which does have the 1.8 items that players can play on.

However, for PvP and EcoPvP we will only allow players to claim land in the 1.7 world when we add the 1.8 world so that players can find bases. It would be very difficult if people had to search through two worlds to find a raid and really wouldn't be enjoyable. I earlier stated that we wish to hear what everyone thinks and we would very much appreciate it if you could give us your opinions and ideas on this subject. We have setup a forum where you can all comment and leave ideas for us to consider.

Forum can be found here:

Other 1.8 info by R_O_C_K_Y:

-HC Staff!
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