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Status updated 4 mins ago
Lol rekt
Lol luan you should be talking? You HARRASED the staff for the pvp server to reset, so I would just be quiet if I were you
Uhg Im So Sad It Wont Let me Play Minecraft .-.
please be patient the server reset when all is finish
As answered below, there is no ETA, just be patient
You do not have access to shout

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HC Network Default IP: mc.hcserver.com
(Temp)Vanilla 1.8 Server IP: v.hcserver.com:1

HC-PvP 2.0 Is Here!

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Oct 7, 14

Awesome news, HC-PVP 2.0 its here!
Lots have changed and added!
1.8 mixed with old memories and much more.
Click here to view a detailed post on what has been added.
There is currently a special 35% HC-PvP sale going on only for 2 days!

brandonha1004 Is everyone happy =3
tina4fun It is indeed so much interesting now no doubt , after playing and playing you still enjoy . So much stuff to do , so muc ...
OtherBrotherT I Definetly Agree With Slavework This Has Been Built To Perfection!

September Top Voters!

vk2gpz tag posted Oct 4, 14
1st Place: shahab11 [90 votes] ($Platinum$ ->Titanium)

2nd Place: i0milesniper [86 votes] ($Platinum$ ->Titanium)

3rd Place: Velox__ [84 votes] ($Platinum$ ->Titanium)

4th Place: arizilla [83 votes]

5th Place: Kaos6 [76 votes] (Member ->Skyman)

Congratulations to our top 5 voters of the month! These 5 voters, please email support@hcserver.com to claim your new donor rank on an HC server you nominate. Have fun playing and enjoy your new ranks! We really appreciate anyone who has voted and hope you continue supporting the server via voting!
nicho929 so far i am coming third or fourth so i hope i can get vip. i really want to be able to fly.... <3 all the things i c ...
BlueSky_Q8 tag Congrats and hard luck to the other voters u can do it next time
contender09 Wow shahab.. you vote a lot to get 1st place like 3 times in a row.. congratz
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