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Kaloo, that probably means you have a high ping..
sometimes when i tpa to someone on craft i fall out of the world and there is loads of lag in some places and why cant you say the word lag in a chat on craft
Do you get any errors?
Help I haven't been able to get on to hc craft for 10 days now please help Ive payed heaps!!!!
I lagged out and now I can't get back in...
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Getting ready for 1.8....slowly.

vk2gpz tagtag
vk2gpz @ Hub server
posted 15 hours ago
We have started the process of getting ready for 1.8 update.  As some of you might have already known, Minecraft now uses UUID rather than player's name to identify a user.  As the result, we need to update many plugins, which currently use player names as persistent key data to administrate various data.  

We have just completed updating the plugin used to administer Voting points and HC points.  It now uses UUIDs to identify users for recording voting/points as well as use of points in /voteshop.  

During the process of converting user names to their UUIDs, we've discovered many players typed wrong user names when they cast their vote on the websites.  Those mistyped name will not give you HC points.  Please make sure to use your minecraft name when you vote so that you don't miss the voting/hc points!

Enjoy the game!


1olg When does 1.8 come out?
Say I change my name to "computer". When voting, do I type in computer?
graycows Hey just a quick question concerning 1.8 will any player have access to the gamemode spectator
If you are having a problem connecting to HC servers (including minecraft servers/teamspeak servers, and website) with a reason "name cannot be resolved".

You might want to try using Google's public DNS server.  You can find the instruction on how to use Google's public DNS sever here.
niklaskiller im have been banned in 2 years now, and its the coolest server ever. and i dont now why i have been banned
hman202 Whats the ip i can't get in
Thesouters Yep, it happened to mehhh

HC is updated for 1.7.6 / 1.7.7.

vk2gpz tagtag
vk2gpz @ Hub server
posted Apr 9, 14

Update: SG lag issue has been fixed, you will no longer get kick or time out from any arena server.

Update: Getting kicked for reason "Outdated server! pretending to be 1.7.7" has been mostly fixed. Although we have attempted a possible fix for this, some players are still experiencing it due to the changes Mojang made in the code for skins. We recommend reverting your client back to 1.7.5 to avoid getting kicked. Click here if you wish to see how to switch between minecraft version within your client.

All servers (except DayZ) are updated for 1.7.6 / 1.7.7.

Enjoy the game!

luyh8u ok bye shaders mod and optifine :C
Hotleve I still use 1.7.2, and I get kicked sometimes on SG. Unless it is my mods I guess I have to go to 1.7.5 and lose forge, ...
dansdans81 when would servers reset what update? :0
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