Everything Is Under Control!

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Mon at 4:18

Hello HC!

It has been fun the past few days trying to figure how the knuckleheads gained access to op themselves and hack our website. I am glad we have and got everything in control.

It will take us a few days to get everything back up and running again. In the meanwhile, we really appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you all and we hope to see you all soon on the HC!

blupopscl I made a warp shop you could use in hc survival! pls let me know to send it or not (im on almost everyday)
Axmna There are 4 reasons I can think of why people left. 1) They got rid of craft 2) The lag back in the day was bad omfg 3) ...
blupopscl also we need to advertise HC more, its become a lonely place