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i cant connect also im backish
the first time i played minecraft i got wood :)
*board. Like the wood.
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HC Gaming Network IP: mc.hcserver.com
Team Speak 3 Server IP: ts.hcserver.com:9103

Christmas Sale | Update

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted 21 hours ago
Hello everyone,

 We are glad to announce that the Christmas Sale of 2014 just started! This means you get a 35% discount on everything that our shop has to offer for an entire week. Besides this, on behalf of the HC Staff team, I would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas with good times and many presents!

Update: Most of you know that we have recently launched the HC-Prison server. As promised, we have started working on Main/Craft server. I will put a progress bar here to let everyone know how far we have gotten.

Main/Craft Progress: 30%

Special: Due to main/craft merge and reset. We have added a great deal on main and craft vault shop! The main and craft vault shop is on 50% off and the remaining items(ranks, warps and pets) on main shop is on 40% off! If you wish to save your precious items on craft server, you can donate for a vault which will be saved during the reset/merge process. You will have to leave the items you want to save in your vault all the time, if you are getting off for the night, remember to transfer all the goods to your vault.
 As of now, we can not promise an ETA but it will take us anywhere from 24-48 hours to achieve our task. Other than that, have fun and once again, Merry Christmas!
the_eclipse Yay for the 40% off lol. I was on the fence about buying a main rank and this tipped the scale. Now I'm considering a Pr ...
Alastairseventy9 Is there ever going to be a 50% off sale? For actual ranks.
hannahlovescows Aw, I already bought some stuff 2 days ago. XD So close!

Public Message Board!

vk2gpz tag posted Sat at 16:39
We've introduced a public message board.  It is currently deployed on HC-Prison and HC-Creative. Other servers will also have their own PMB soon.

On the PMB, you can Sneak(shift)-Right-Click to edit the sign on the PMB.  The edited sign will be protected from being overwritten for at least 30 min.  Also, once you write a message, you cannot write another for 3 min.

bugetcutz @ HC-CREATIVE
Awesome! Also, my message is on the top right! (yes, that was kind of bragging...)
Larayoung Great idea Vk!
tillyjf Something that brings people closer.. I like this.

2014 Christmas Pardon

vk2gpz tag posted Dec 13, 14
We're now accepting 2014 Christmas Pardon applications from permanently banned players.
If you're considering submitting an application, please read the HC Pardon Program description very carefully and make your submission.

Application will close on 24/Dec/2014
BlackTrack1 Where is the description link? Or is this it
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