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please email [link] marlexa :)
Hello. I private messaged ROCKY with something that I really want you guys to see! Thank you.
??? you're not banned according to our record.
what did i do...??
why am I banned/??
You do not have access to shout

Need Help (Minecraft Tech Support)
Please click here to view our support page! 

New Friends Plugin!

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Sun at 10:08  -  FriendsFriends Plugin
    We have recently added a new friends plugin, some functionality of the plugin and the way it displays friends information has been changed. We removed the Tab and Scoreboard support due to some heavy lag issues and scoreboard conflicting with many other plugins. We do apologize for that but we believe the new friends plugin is way better and would not cause lag issues.


/friends or /friend can be used for the friends plugin.

  • /friend - will display a useful help menu:

  • /friend add <name> - will send a friends request to the user specified.
  • /friend add <name> - will also accept an incoming friends request.
  • /friend remove <name> - will remove the specified user from your friends list.
  • /friend list - will display all your friends.
  • /friend list <name> - will display all friends of the specified friend.
  • /friend acceptall - once typed, all incoming friends request will be accepted automatically. To disable this function, simply retype /friend acceptall again.
  • /friend denyall - once typed, you will deny all incoming friends request. To disable this function, simply retype /friend denyall again.
  • /friend settings - will display your settings for auto friends request acceptance and notification settings.
New Commands:
  • /friend list pending - can be used to check all pending friends requests.
  • /friend clearpending <in | out> - can be used to clear 'incoming' or 'outgoing' pending friends requests.
  • /friend notify - can be used to toggle friends joining server notification settings.

We have plans to add a friends chat system and a few other functions. Although, the plugin has been deployed, there might be bugs and/or other issues due to the early stage of the plugin. We hope you enjoy this plugin and if you have any suggestions or if you wish to report a bug regarding this plugin, please post them in the comment section below! 

SamWell926 Does the friends list reset everyday, because every time I check in the morning or other times during the day, it says t ...
Ironblock5836 The new plugin seems nice
GP2002 yey yu brought it back

Dealing with Hackers.

vk2gpz tagtag
vk2gpz @ HC-MAIN
posted Aug 6, 14
Our staff members (and may regular players) have been dealing with hackers on HC servers.  To ease the process, we've started implementing automatic detection of hacking activities (such as KillAura/ForceField/AutoSouping/etc.)  in HCAntiCheat plugin.  If we can automate the detection of hacks, we can deal with them on the spot without involving any mods/admins.  

We will gradually implement different algorithms to detect various types of hacking activities. Any hacking activities auto-detected by the plugin will be handled by the plugin whereas any hacks cannot be detected (yet) will be handled by staff members as usual.  
GabrielLegend I think that hacking shouldn't be auto detected because it is can be unreliable. staff member should detect it and ban p ...
REL1999 You should try to find a plugin that detects the hacks that aren't noticeable unless you are actually looking at the scr ...
vk2gpz tagtag
vk2gpz @ HC-MAIN
flying is handled by the different anti cheat plugin.

July Top Voters

vk2gpz tagtag
vk2gpz @ HC-MAIN
posted Aug 2, 14
1st Place: Shahab11 [92 votes] (Topaz on Main)

2nd Place: Solaris27 [90 votes] (Mason on Eco)

 3rd Place: r2d528 [90 votes] (Titanium on Main)

 4th Killergoalie09 [89 votes] (Artificer on Creative)

 5th Place: Zrota [86 votes] (VIP on Main)

Congratulations to our top 5 voters of the month! These 5 voters, please email support@hcserver.com to claim your new donor rank on an HC server you nominate. Have fun playing and enjoy your new ranks! We really appreciate anyone who has voted and hope you continue supporting the server via voting!
GabrielLegend GG killer!
Shahab11 Thank you and Good Job to anyone who voted:)
swaggypuppy_707 Congrats to the top voters congrats! ...
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