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Status updated 7 mins ago
YouTube is working for me
I have trouble getting in to the youtube website, anyone else having this problem?
Can any 1 tell me voting goes for prison?
Any staff can tell me how to get a brick / red brick in mc prison?
the third voting site is broken
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I apologies for not being able to give you guys a warning ahead of time but I am going to be taking down CTF server to transfer it to a newer machine first and than I will do the same with Skyblock server. The process would not take really long since I will be doing it one at a time. ETA is not guaranteed but it could take anywhere from 30-45 minute per server.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience but I had no other option but to do this since the mahine for both these servers have been crahing at random timings and it has been causing CTF server's permissions to bug out and Skyblock server's map to rollback.

pie1234576 tagtag Both servers are back up to let you guys know!
honey2819 Wow wow wow, keep the update two weeks from now like planned. lol my map wont be done until this Sunday or even latter, ...
BradleyFlorence So while your moving ctf could you guys try to update it aswell? No rush or when do you guys think it will Be updated? ...
The updates for both the Skyblock and Economy server have been released! Both are now fully upated to 1.8 and new features have been added so be sure to check them out. If you have ideas for features which you think could improve the server, let us know and we'll be happy to consider your input. Also, there is currently a 30% off for both the Skyblock and Economy shop on the website. We hope you enjoy the updates.

Hey everyone,

The updates for Skyblock and Eco are soon to come. Unfortunately there is a bit of a delay at the moment, due to the conversion of player names to UUIDs. In total the process could take up to a few days. Then, after some final touches, we will be releasing the updates for the Skyblock and Eco server.

We have also been working on updating the minigame servers, though since we are adding lots of new features to those, they may take some time to get done. We will of course keep you guys updated on that. Thanks for your patience in advance, and we hope you will enjoy the updates.

- HC Staff

GabrielLegend Could you guys update survival games next?
honey2819 You may already be aware, but Eco is laging extremely badly right now. I have gotten kicked twice because of it.
Bryn24 when will it be back and what will happen with ranks i haven't played in a while but i was a noble or the 1st donor i ca ...
  • On HC-Survival all spawned items (through /kit, /i, /give) are now tagged with player's unique ID computed from his/her UUID.
  • Completed full automatic conversion to the new UUID data from  from any old Lockette formats.
  • At the next restart, auto-name filling should also work.  You just type [private] in the 1st line, and you don't need to type your name in the 2nd line.

As you know the main/craft servers were reborn as HC-Survival with full 1.8 server. Mojang also announced that the name changing service just around the corner. 

Currently, one of plugins crucial to HC -Survival is the Lockette plugin, which currently does not support UUID. 

In order to fully support the name change, I will deploy the official Lockette plugin with UUID support tonight after I come back from Asian Cup game ;)
xXJrSlaveworkXx Does that mean if we loose our home you can track are items to are house ????
vk2gpz tag Yes, that sort of things (tracking someone's item) can easily be done with this tag information.
the_eclipse tag Does that mean that our items can now be tracked?
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