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Status updated 15 mins ago
Probably the Prison server
what server is next to update?
good morning R_O_C_K_Y
Please read the post I edited to the right as I said its not server lag , its happening across the whole network.
This lag though :/
You do not have access to shout
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HC Gaming Network IP: mc.hcserver.com
Team Speak 3 Server IP: ts.hcserver.com:9103

Performance issues?

xXDavidhawkXx tag posted Fri at 21:27
Uh oh, we have discovered there are some performance spikes happening on the network. Currently we're working to find and fix what is causing the performance spikes of the network. We are still working on creative, but sadly this takes precedence over the creative update so the creative server will be further delayed due to this problem. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause everyone.

Update: We are switching our hardware/software. During this process, the network will be offline. We will inform your once we have everything back up online.

Update 2: Server is up and running with the new hardware, we will continue monitoring the preference to make sure it stays as it is. In the meantime, we will continue working on creative and release it asap. 

Update 3: We discovered that the network lag issue has not been fixed, yet again we continue our investigation on this. We might be shutting down servers one by one to see if a specific server is causing the issue. We will inform you once we have this issue fixed. 

HC-Creative Update Process Begins

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Thu at 7:58

Hello HC,

 We are beginning to update creative server to 1.8. We will also switch our plot plugin to a more reliable and efficient plot plugin that is design to preform and optimize performance which will take care of all the existing lag issue that we have. Due to the switch of the plot plugin, we will have to convert all the existing plot data to the new data format so the new plugin can work properly which will take some time because there are currently 104,000 plots on our creative server. The process could take anywhere from 6-8 hours due to the size of the database and the server will be whitelisted during the process.
 Your plots, items and ranks will be safe, we are only updating to 1.8 and changing our plots plugin.
 With the update, we will be added all 1.8 features, optimized plots plugin and more features that are planned but will be added once the server is updated.
 We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy once the server is back up and running!

UPDATE: In the process of database conversion to the new plot plugin, we discovered that the current database had to be converted to support UUID which is the main reason of the delay which was caused. Converting a database to UUID could take really long because the plugin has to inquire mojang for the UUIDs.
 At this moment, we are about 65% done with the name to UUID conversion and for sure, we will keep you updated with more updates like this one.

UPDATE 2: We are happy to announce, all UUIDs have been converted. We need about 2 hours additional to finish up the remaining updating process.


Velox__ Whining and Complaining will not make the update go any faster. They are aware of the lag issues and all of the other pr ...
Emli2 this totally sucks... i just wanna be on creative... HURRY UP PPL!!! plz... and it says theres 2 ppl on creative but u c ...
Emli2 when will it be finished!!!!????? i cant wait any longer... and will all the rank commands come back so we can use them? ...
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