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Hello peopleee
And alot of farmers threat you with a shotgun in their pickup trucks on the neutral country side where all the cows and chickens are. I once had a farmer tell me he'd smack down all my silos if I didn't give him the dolinkie I bought earlier that day
vk2, thank you kind sir. I kid you not, these dodge 97' tractors have very hard to find parts, like the oil dolinkies and gas pumpers
Farmer Fluff
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I could not resist posting this on the news feed, R_O_C_K_Y's reaction is priceless.

Enjoy watching R_O_C_K_Y get scared at 3am!
Naat1908 Okay, im in TS with my friends, and i just screamed in my mic >,<
the_doctor_345 @ HC-MAIN

Lag Issue

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Thu at 20:18
Hello HC,

     Yesterday, around 11AM EST, Mojang deployed some changes to their authentication system to limit servers from pulling UUID/player name requests from their authentication system which resulted in breaking/slowing down many plugins. We have updated all of our HC plugins but other public plugin we use are not updated as of now(could take a few days). The lag on the servers seems to be little to none after the update which is a great news but if you do experience some lag, we do apologize and would really appreciate your patience for that matter.
     I personally want to thank vk2gpz our Head Developer/Operator for all the hard work he put in to fix all HC plugins and would like to apologize everyone for the issue that occurred.

Happy Gaming,
sprusaczyk essentials is being wierd is that the plugin
Awesomerow Its still lagging pretty bad for me... and my friends ._.
Berent34 @ HC-MAIN
Thank too all staffs!
Happy Fourth of July!

This Friday is Independence Day in America, where we celebrate the birth of our nation from those pesky Red Coats. This all started back in 1776, when we finally adopted the Declaration of Independence and told the Brits to get out. They didn't take this too easy, and like a needy ex-girlfriend, tried to win us back. It was a bitter and bloody breakup, but when all was said and done, we were free from their control. The rest is history from there. (Though they tried to get back at us in 1812, but we again showed them who was boss.) We are also having a party for this in celebration!

The 4th of July Holiday weekend starts tomorrow, and what better way than to start it off with another one of our sales! This weekend only, save 40% off on any item in the store to enjoy the time off. Thanks for all your support, and we hope to see you this weekend too!
will508 Sadly. I missed the fireworks cause my sister was on the computer at the time =( i bet they were awesome though!!!
RosyCraft typos. She is banned for HAVING those hacked items in her inventory
RosyCraft During the firework show on Creative AngeliCcraft went afk for over an hour and someone dropped hacked items into her in ...
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