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What? whats so oh my gosh?
@cooldragon54xx take screenshot and report it on report it on Report section.
Phew xD
can i get a mod to tp to me we have _mastermc_ and unidentifiedmc saying sex words and cusswords and disrupting theSilverwolf's rp
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Team Speak 3 Server IP: ts.hcserver.com:9103
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Happy Valentine's Day HC!

R_O_C_K_Y Ownertag posted Feb 14, 15

Staff would like to wish everyone a happy valentines day! To celebrate the 2015 valentines day there will be a 30% off discount in the server shop. Have fun and enjoy the holiday!

Tavareees How long dose the sale go for?
CrazyTeddy @ HC-MAIN
Happy valentine everyone


Lockette has been updated to lookup player's name change history.  When it encounter the lockette sign with the old name without UUID, it checks the name change history to automatically update the Lockette sign.


If you have changed your Minecraft character name but did not add your new name to your PS fields, please submit a modreq, our staff are now equiped with a new command to change the ownership of your PS fields to the new name.

If you wisth to update the ownership of your PS fields, submit a modreq stating your old name.  After staff member confirming the ownership of the old name, the ownership of your PS fields will be updated.

victinion I changed my IGN from victinion to HCRaptor and i dont have my rank anymore,any help?
Clone Any chance I could get my rank switched over from 1 forum account to the other? Old one was Vampiric_Hunter
Jaida I changed my user form Redcross02 to Jaida and it wont let me buy stuff for my new user or login to the Jaida account

January Top Voters

R_O_C_K_Y Ownertag posted Feb 7, 15  -  January Top Voters
1st Place: QuadcoreMining [92 votes]


2nd Place: Shahab11 [90 votes]


3rd Place: BradleyFlorence [87 votes]


4th Place: lemoncake123 [85 votes]


5th Place: shadow_wolf236x [85 votes]

Yellow name indicates that the reward was claimed and the person has been rewarded.

Congratulations to our top 5 voters of the month! These 5 voters, please send a support ticket to claim your new donor rank on an HC server you nominate. Have fun playing and enjoy your new ranks! We really appreciate anyone who has voted and hope you continue supporting the server via voting!
Deuce3R Good job I hope to keep seeing you all be helping hc in anyway good luck and voting and keep up the good work! ...
i0milesniper Voted every day, no surprise, screwed again. But congrats to the people who didn't get screwed.
Ianb262 Nice job everyone ...
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