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Status updated 10 mins ago
The max amount of slots you can have is 18
i bought 9 more player vault slots on hcpvp havent received them and i made a support ticket...
HC-Server was the 2nd server i played on and i've never left this one :) ( way to addicted)
hey whats up
We are taking down the network for some software updates.
You do not have access to shout
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HC Gaming Network IP: mc.hcserver.com
Team Speak 3 Server IP: ts.hcserver.com:9103

Early Black Friday Sale & Update

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Tue at 3:41
 Looking to gear up? Well now is the best time to do so! Yes, we have a huge 35% off sale going on until Black Friday, so don't miss out the opportunity!

 I also wanted to add a quick reminder about the network wide lag issue that we have been having. We are doing our best to find a solution to cure the lag, we have been putting our days and nights into it. We are as annoyed as you are at this moment since the lag issue has not just caused us days and nights but delays to the release of prison server and updating other server. We wanted everyone to know that we are doing out best and for those who have been understanding and being patient, we would like appreciate you for doing so.

Update: We are now in the process of switching our proxy setup to a different one to see if the proxy itself was the cause of lag. Currently, we are testing the proxy on a test server, once we have it setup, we will then move it over to apply the settings to the whole network.

Update 2: We decided to investigate further on our current proxy setup and this is the last thing we think could be causing the issue. If the issue still arise, we will then move to the new proxy setup.

Update 3: We are now at the stage where we will proceed towards changing our proxy setup, we will be changing it tonight so there might be a 30-45 minutes downtime.
Boergeiam is there going to be a bigger sale on Black Friday itself?
GabrielLegend would totally buy hc gadgets don't have enough money yes >.< so close though

Performance issues?

xXDavidhawkXx tag posted Fri at 21:27
Uh oh, we have discovered there are some performance spikes happening on the network. Currently we're working to find and fix what is causing the performance spikes of the network. We are still working on creative, but sadly this takes precedence over the creative update so the creative server will be further delayed due to this problem. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause everyone.

Update: We are switching our hardware/software. During this process, the network will be offline. We will inform you once we have everything back up online.

Update 2: Server is up and running with the new hardware, we will continue monitoring the preference to make sure it stays as it is. In the meantime, we will continue working on creative and release it asap. 

Update 3: We discovered that the network lag issue has not been fixed, yet again we continue our investigation on this. We might be shutting down servers one by one to see if a specific server is causing the issue. We will inform you once we have this issue fixed. 
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