Quick Update

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted May 19, 16

Just a quick update on what's going to be happening on HC in the coming days.

Starting in a few days, we will start updating servers one by one. We will proceed by updating hub to support 1.7-1.9 client and Creative server to 1.9.

Currently, we are testing plugin's compatibility with 1.9 as most plugins broke due to the changes in the code and as soon as we are done doing that, we will move forward and update the planned servers.  Keep in mind, each server will be updated but turn by turn not all at once.

Regarding HC store, we will work on that as well while we update the servers and deploy the EULA compliant shops as we go.

As a bonus, we will add a vanilla 1.9 server to the network with a few plugins to protect the spawn and such. The server will be free for all, it might have stats related plugins but that's about it. This server will be added once we update the hub and creative server.

Thank you for reading and hope everyone is having a great day/night!